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    HL3-2A Mixed Fan

    HL3-2A Mixed Fan

    Volume range:500~141000 m3/h
    Total Pressure range:50~3400 Pa
    Drive type:direct drive

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    First, an overview

    Air volume range: 500~141000 m3/h

    Wind pressure range: 50~3400 Pa

    Driving mode: direct connection (A)

    Machine number: 2.5# to 14#

    Use: it can be used in hotels, colleges, hotels, auditorium, theater, senior civil housing and industrial and mining enterprises, and so on. It can also be used for central air conditioning system and purification system.

    Two, product characteristics

    The fan structure: the fan is mainly composed of the impeller and the machine shell. The HL3-2A- I type is mixed flow single speed, HL3-2A-II type is mixed flow double speed, HL3-2A-III type is mixed flow roof, and HL3-2A-IV type is mixed flow box type.

    1. The impeller

    The impeller is welded on the wheel shell with 6 twisted blade blades with the characteristics of meridian acceleration. Leaf mould and wheel shell molding, precision positioning, continuous welding, impeller after forming by static and dynamic balance correction, the balance is less than or equal to 4 grade level (GB), with good air power, high efficiency, low noise, stable performance.

    2. Shell

    The shell is cylindrical and joins the collector with the muffling function. The outlet is equipped with a guide plate, with good air distribution and stable pressure.