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    DHKFLow noise adjustable axial fan

    DHKFLow noise adjustable axial fan

    Volume range:1000-66000m3/h
    Total Pressure range:40-600 Pa
    Drive type:direct drive

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    First, an overview

    Air volume range: 1000-66000m3/h

    Wind pressure range: 40-600 Pa

    Driving mode: direct connection (A)

    Machine number: 3.15# to 11.2#

    Usage: it can be used for conveying no corrosion, no obvious grayscale gas, and the temperature of the gas is not more than 60 degrees. It is ventilated or heated by general factories, warehouses, offices and houses. DHKF can be made into explosion-proof (B DHKF).

    Two, product characteristics

    The fan structure: the fan is mainly composed of the impeller and the machine shell.

    1. The impeller

    The blade is a variable cross-section curved space wing blade, with no wind wheel shell clamp. Leaf mould and wheel shell molding, precision positioning, impeller after forming by static and dynamic balance, the balance is less than or equal to 4 grade level (GB). It has good aerodynamic performance, high efficiency, low noise and stable performance. Blade installation angle can be adjusted according to users' needs, and it can also be adjusted to reverse the flow of blades, so as to achieve reverse ventilation.

    2. Shell

    The standard structure is horizontal horizontal. The collector can be installed on any side of the fan according to the direction of the air flow. The demolition bracket is embedded into the wall installation, and the wind collector is dismantled and connected to the pipeline for pipeline installation.

    3, performance

    The whole structure is reasonable, sturdy, safe and practical, with large air volume, high wind pressure, low noise, less power consumption, light weight and reverse ventilation under the same installation position.