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    Product quality and after-sales service£º

    We regard product quality as the base of company survival in the market., according to the promotion and application of standardized technologies, shorten product development cycle, control manufacturing quality of products, reduce production cost and enhance enterprise competitiveness in the market.

    Good corporate reputation, successful corporate image, not only from the product quality, delivery period, but more importantly from afer service, so we will enter the fierce market competition by new ideas and we will make unremitting efforts to promote the development for ventilate new tecnology.

    Our commitment:

    1. Device complies with national standards and fan manufacturing general machinery industry standard, products fully meet the design parameters and power requirements. Ensure the product once acceptance.

    2. Products guaranteed to be brand new, unused, manufacturing is governed by the ISO9001 quality system control, and in all respects conform to the contract requirements and technical performance requirements.

    3. Shaft, impeller and other rotating parts, strictly according to national industry standards JB/T9101-1999 test will minimize aerodynamic noise.

    4. Fire smoke products strictly implement the state requirements for fire products

    5. Product from the date of the factory warranty is one year, during the warranty period for product design, process or material defects caused by any defects or failure of responsibility.

    Shanghai 24-hour service in place; Other cities 48 hours service in place; Urgent case, separate treatment.

    Contact£º Zhicai,ZHU

    After-sales Service Hotline£º+86-21-33617111-8109


    Zip Code£º201406